Food gives delight to the taste and satisfies the hunger. Mostly offers all substances (vitamins and other elements) that are essential for both the development of the body and to maintain it in a healthy and vigorous condition. Provision shall be made according to the type and quantity of food consumed. But there are some foods that differ. The difference is more than twice the concentration and the excess nutrients (in relation to common foods) in much smaller amounts of food.
These foods are called superfoods and consumption ensures full coverage of the needs of an organization, without entailing huge and indigestible meals.

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Nutritional Value of Nuts & Seeds

mixed-nut-heartNutritional table for nuts & seeds

Just five portions of nuts each week can help cut heart attack and cancer risk. They're rich in calcium, phytoestrogens and omega-3 fatty acids needed for healthy brain cells. Know your nuts, though, as each has it's own blend of nutritional benefits.

Both are concentrated sources of energy and protein.

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