After the Catastrophe of Smyrna

In 1935 the company moves to Heraklion Crete where George Balamoutsos and his family took refuge after the destruction of Izmir in 1922. One by one fruits (chickpeas, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds etc.) were collected and processed in order to ensure the highest quality and the best possible taste in their dried fruit production.

After WW2

World war 2 broke out just a few years later but did not suspend product manufacturing. As soon as the war ends, a second shop opens in Piraeus and George Balamoutsos' son Konstantinos undertakes its management.

Continued growth

The uninterrupted drive and the insistence on high quality combined with a lot of hard work ensure company growth. As years pass by and progress raises product demands, the restless minds of the family search for new ways to keep their customers absolutely satisfied. The best fruits the Greek land has to offer, from Evros to Crete, are collected and processed with state of the art equipment and modern methods.

Packaging and exports

Soon retail packaging of the nuts and fruits starts, while the third generation Mr. Michalis Balamoutsos, the son of Konstantinos, takes charge of the company and achieves the first exports to France and Germany in the year 1978. Europe starts getting familiar with greek dried nuts and fruits.

Heading into the future

Travelling all over the world combined with the constant research in order to improve the products, develop the know-how and expand the variety of the produced goods.