Bally Nuts was founded originally in 1890 in Izmir (Minor Asia) and opened the first retail store in 1910. The company has been active since then in the Greek territory being managed by the four successive generations of the Balamoutsos' family. The current legal status of the company has been established in 1948.

General Manager Mr. Konstantinos Balamoutsos, representing the fourth generation of the family and its century old heritage, has managed to establish the reputation and the products of the company in Greece and aboard.

Some of the foreign countries we are exporting to are:

• European Union • U.S.A • Czech Republic • Slovakia • Bulgaria •Cyprus • Middle East countries •

The geographic location of Greece and its mild climate are considered to be ideal for the growing of nuts and their this unique splendid taste, which made the Greek nuts popular all over the world. Moreover, apart from the processing and packing of local growing nuts, Bally Nuts company also deals with dried fruits and traditional Greek sugar products. More specifically our main products are:

• Pistachios (Aeginis) in Shell and Kernels • Almond Kernels • Hazelnut Kernels • Pumpkin Seeds • Sunflower Seeds • Chickpeas •
• Figs • Prunes • Dates • Apricots • Raisins • Walnut Kernels • Sesame snacks • Delights • Ballyta • Mix Crackers



Our state of the art plant is located in the area of Athens, equipped with technologically advanced equipment and manned by well trained personnel.

The packaging process and the storage refrigerators (ideal for our activities), guarantee the preservation of the quality of our goods.

The packaging process with the latest type of contemporary machinery guarantee the freshness of our products and the preservation of nutrients which remain unchanged at least until the expiration date.

Our factory is located in the city of Piraeus, 32, Falirou St. Kaminia, close to the port and the transport agencies, providing direct deliveries and safe transfer for our goods.

 Today Bally Nuts is considered as one of the top producers of nuts in Greece and abroad. The company is located in the area of Athens in modern installations, equipped with the latest type of contemporary machinery. Regarding the packaging process and the storage refrigerators, they guarantee the quality of their products.

Family tradition continues with reliability and seriousness by the son of Mr. Michalis Balamoutsos, Konstantinos Balamoutsos, who follows the successful paths of three generations.




The reliability and seriousness are the characteristics of our company's presence all these years in the domestic and foreign market. These factors along with the outstanding quality are the main reason due to which Bally Nuts is considered as one of the top producers of nuts in Greece and abroad.